Why Should I Start My Marketing For 2018 Now?


It’s the busy time of the year, planning graduations, Christmas parties plus the normal day to day activities in a childcare centre, and add to that, some have their accreditation inspections to prepare for as well. How can you also start to put a strategic marketing program together as well?

Traditionally, the end of December, then January and February, financially, are the toughest times of the year in childcare. The graduations means the kindergarten/Pre-school rooms are pretty empty, school holidays take their toll as well. You are currently working hard to finish confirming your current families enrolments for next year and working out how many new enrolment positions you need to fill.

It’s more competitive in the market place than ever before. If you want parents to start enrolling children now for 2018 and if you want to increase the number of enrolments in January and February, your marketing program needs to start now.

It is not a matter of just putting some posts and adds on social media, it’s not just a matter of sending out letter box drops, putting adds in a newspaper, on the radio or on TV any more. Parents are being bombarded with adds from everywhere.

You need to put more planning into what your message is, and how you will put your message out there. You need to plan how these advertising methods are linked to your website, your social media, your contact management system to ensure the message delivery is automated, so it runs 24hrs a day.

Creating a strategic marketing program takes several weeks, so if you wait until January to start, it won’t fully be up and running until well into February and you will be missing out on those extra early enrolments.


“Suzanne and Peter, thank you for taking the pressure of by doing our marketing for us. This week, just one post has gained 3 enrolments. Thats awesome” Sarah – Aroona Childcare


Centre Owner, Aroona Childcare Centre

So, how do you find the time to do the marketing? Don’t! Take the pressure of yourself. If you are charging $90.00 per day for childcare, 1 license position in your centre is valued at $ 23,400 per annum. Through the Time Retriever Done For you Marketing Program for childcare centres, the cost of marketing your centre is less than half of the revenue generated by 1 license position.

This makes it a viable proposition to provide your centre with consistent marketing, with minimal effort from you. Even in the set-up process, we will do most of the work for you. We just ask for you to provide the information. 

The old saying is, “the early bird gets the worm”, be that early bird and give yourself every opportunity to maximise your enrolments in the new year by starting your strategic marketing program now.


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