The proliferation of childcare centres in each state, now increases the challenge of marketing childcare centres. Couple this with the constant addition of childcare requirements placed on centres by government agencies, centre owners and directors are struggling to find the time to do both running the day to day operations and marketing of the centre. The marketing looses out. It becomes adhoc and ineffective, resulting in a struggle to fill vacancies.

At The Time Retriever, we have worked with centre owners and directors for over 6 years, developing their skills in taking back control of their day and marketing their centres. The biggest issue we found, was that although we could get owners and directors utilising their time more effectively and getting more done, they still struggled to have enough time to work on their marketing consistently.

“How we market ourselves has changed over the decades, with cloud based technologies now rapidly speeding up the change and making it more complex”.

Although the above comment may be true, the one thing that has not changed is the fundamentals required to develop a strategic marketing process. And this will not change.

The aim of the marketing for your centre, is that when parents first see your centre, it’s messaging will make it stand out from the other centres and compel them to make contact with you. 

The development of the messaging will always need to be based around the parent looking for a centre for their child. If the message you are delivering is not based around what they are actually looking for, your marketing results will be mediocre. 

The requirement here, is to ensure the specific strategic marketing message for your centre is developed before you start thinking about putting the message out there.

How you deliver the message is where the massive changes keep happening. In today’s marketing environment, the main platforms used to deliver your messages are, website, central database, social media and word of mouth. These platforms need to be carefully set-up, so they are all connected with each other and working together to deliver your message automatically. They are the core of your marketing process.

Other forms of marketing can be put into place after the core has been set-up, as these forms of marketing will always point to the core platforms.

The problem we have seen, is that marketing is more complex now and it takes quite some time to learn how to strategically market your centre, then look for the platforms, learn how to set them up and use them and then to constantly maintain them. It can take many months or even years. That is why I have not gone into any depth on explaining these platforms and their use. It is a waste of valuable owner and directors time to try and learn and implement them.

Because of this, we have stopped offering our marketing coaching programs for childcare centres and offer you a “Done For You” Childcare Centre Marketing Program.

In the program, we will provide you with an overview on developing a strategic marketing program and how to use the platforms on a day to day basis, whilst at the same time, we will set-up the platforms and implement and maintain your marketing, so it is running consistently for you 24hrs a day. Saving you a lot of time and getting results faster.

Peter Johnson is a business productivity specialist and has worked with business and childcare centre owners for over 11 years, helping them to develop their time management, business and marketing skills.

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