Peter Johnson The Time Retriever has been helping business owners develop their business knowledge and skills for over 11 years. In the process, Peter has identified, that having business owners sourcing installing and implementing the wide range of business tools and apps now available, was a time consuming process.

How long it takes is dependant on a wide range of factors, including the business owners, computer skills, comprehension of each tool, ability to learn and teach each tool, desire to focus on specific tools etc. It meant that implementing these various tools into their business could take 6 months to years.

It made more sense to continue working on the business owners skills and providing the service to source and implement these important tools for them. This would enable the business to get results quicker.

This website is focused on the fully integrated business automation tools The Time Retriever has sourced from the worlds leading business app provider Zoho Corporation. To find out more about The Time Retriever time and business coaching programs, visit