When a parent visits your website for the first time, What are they looking for?

In a lot of childcare websites I have reviewed, the first thing you see is “Enrol Now”, “Join Our Waiting List”, “Sign Up For Our Newsletter”, “Free iPad”, “2 Weeks Free Childcare”. There is very little messaging about what the parents are actually looking for in a childcare centre, that would encourage them to take any of these actions.

Do you know what parents are looking for in a childcare centre? I mean, do you know what they are saying to themselves as they look? Have you ever asked them? I have a lot of centre owners and directors say they have been in the industry for years and know exactly what parents want, and yet, those that take on my challenge and actually ask parents some specific questions, are surprised at the responses they get.

When a parent first visits your website, the top section that they see immediately, needs to show them that you know what they are actually looking for and how you deliver it.

The website home page also needs to enable them to receive information about your centre relevant to what they are looking for, that they can review at their convenience. They may not have the time at that moment to stay on your site reading.

The home page needs to have a “Contact Us” and “Book A Tour” link clearly available.

So, the parent has visited your website, what happens next?

I have asked many centre owners and directors, has anyone ever enrolled in your centre or joined the waiting list when they first visited your website? The answer is always NO.

So what happens after they visit your website? Hopefully they have booked a tour, send a message through the contact us link or rung you to talk about the centre.

But, the parent, is no doubt looking at other centres in your area as well, visiting their websites and talking with other people. Once they leave your website, it is up to their memory to remind them of what they read. And, if they visit several sites, it will be the last one they visited that they remember the most. How do you keep your centre firmly in their mind, whilst they continue to search.

24hr A Day, Automated Marketing

Today’s marketing tools enable you to keep in touch with them 24hrs a day automatically, through various methods. If you have been able to develop a message that resonates with their thinking and on your website, you offer them information they can download to review, they will leave you their email details for you to automatically send the information to them. You can then send them a series of information emails, based on what parents in your area are searching for in a childcare centre. This helps keep them informed about your centre and in the forefront of their minds whilst they are considering which centre to enrol their child in.

Another area we can keep your centre automatically in their view 24hrs a day, is through social media. By linking your website with apps such as Facebook, you can set-up your marketing program in facebook to feed relevant information about your centre into your website visitors feeds. Again, this will keep your centre in mind whilst they are still doing their research and deciding where to enrol their child. 

Remember, is these processes, the purposefully designed messaging is based on what the parents are focused on when looking for a childcare centre. This will make your centre stand out above the other centres in your area.

In today’s marketing environment, your strategic messaging, website, social media, email marketing and enhance word of mouth marketing program are the core to successfully marketing your centre. If these are not developed and working properly, anything else you do to market your centre with be a waist of time and money.

If your marketing has not been developed in this manner, you will struggle to be competitive in today’s market place with the constant growth of centres starting to outstrip the availability of children.

Your speciality is childcare, instead of putting more pressure on yourself with trying to learn and understand how to market your centre in today’s competitive environment, find out more about our affordable childcare centre “Done For You” Marketing program.