Does it work only when you get the time?


Attaining 100% occupancy in a childcare centre is becoming increasingly difficult as more and more large and small centres open up, in what appears to be an uncontrolled manner, across the country. Your ability to continue successfully operating your centre, not only relies on you providing high quality childcare service that meets the parents needs, it also requires you to work harder on marketing your centre, 24hrs a day.

How can I market my centre 24hrs a day, is what I get asked by centre owner and directors.

First, let me define what marketing 24hrs a day means. 

The term marketing 24hrs a day, relates to the fact that a parent looking for a centre for their child, will either start by searching for centres in their area on the Internet, or will, when having heard about your centre from someone, (word of mouth) will search for your centre on their phone, tablet or computer. And, this search could happen at any time,on any day.

To capitalise on this, the marketing for your centre needs to be set-up, so as when a parent looks for you, you are there, irrespective what time this is. 8.30pm, 11.00pm, 6.00am, 10.15am etc. 7 days a week. With messaging that is based around what they are looking for in a childcare centre.


Virtually every centre has a website, so they believe they have a presence 24hrs a day. Thats Ok, but it’s not the only place parents search, social media plays an enormous part in parents being able to find out information about your centre. Also, I have reviewed thousands of childcare centre websites and very few have any messaging about what the parents are actually looking for in a centre and virtually none work in partnership automatically with social media or email marketing.

This means their website works in isolation on a once off, at the moment basis and no automatic ongoing marketing.

(Many centres have a varying policies in regard to social media, especially where images are concerned. It needs to be noted, that messaging about your centre can and needs to be done on social media, without violating a centres social media policies.)

(You will notice, I talk about the marketing being around what the parents needs are. In childcare, the focus is required to be around the child’s needs, however, the person that enrols the child into your centre is their parent of carer. So your marketing needs to focus on what the parent or carers are looking for in a childcare centre).


The 24hrs A Day Marketing Core

1. To be competitive in marketing your centre, the strategic part of the marketing needs be completed first to enable you to have the right messaging for parents in your area. You then need to automate the delivery of this message through the following;

2. Having an SEO optimised website with the correct marketing messages. This website needs to have something available for parents to access immediately, that will also provide you with their contact details. These contact details are stored in a CRM that will then automatically provide them with further information about your centre on a regular basis, for a set period of time. It will also enable you to follow up with the parent at any time.

3. The website is also linked to your social media, where you develop a specific set of messages that will show in your visitors social media feed on a regular basis for a set period of time. This is called an evergreen campaign that continuously runs through a cycle of messages.

 4. A properly set-up word of mouth program, aimed at encouraging anyone to refer parents to your centre at any time of the day.

 These 4 areas, once set-up, form the core of your marketing. They all run automatically 24hrs a day and keep your centre in front of parents at any time, 24hrs a day.

Once up and running, this core needs to be monitored and adjusted as required. Online Marketing Diagram Shows Blogs Websites Social Media And Email Lists

All other forms of marketing, of which there are many, will always be designed to lead potential parents to your automated core marketing program and your telephone.

The Problem

Over the past 6 years, we have been working with childcare centre owners and directors, coaching in the skills required to actually get your day under control so you can get things done and the marketing of childcare centres.

What we noticed, was that even when we had an owner or director getting more control of their day and achieving more in their day, it was still difficult for them to develop a marketing program that provided a regular supply of parents looking for childcare.

The amount of time required to prepare the marketing strategy, then source and learn the tools required to set-up a quality marketing program that will work, was still to great. Their skills are based around developing and providing a high quality childcare service, not marketing.

Your centre needs to be competitive in the market place if you want to be successful. When you consider what is now required to be put into placed to market your centre, from my experience over the past 6 years, I believe trying to carry out the activities required to market a childcare centre, is no longer good use of a centre owner or directors time.

The centre owner or directors time is far better utilised finding an organisation that has the knowledge and skills of utilising all of the components mention above, plus others, to create, set-up and monitor and automated marketing system that will run for your centre 24hrs a day.


Peter Johnson – The Time Retriever is a business productivity coach who works with childcare centres, helping centre owners, directors get back time in their day and market their centre successfully.

As a result of his experiences with childcare centres and following requests from centre owners and directors, The Time Retriever is now offering centres a “Done For You”Marketing program, aimed at taking the pressure of centre owners and directors and maximising centre enrolments.

To find out more, click on the link or complete the form below and Peter or a team member will be on contact with you within 24hrs.

Childcare Centre Done For You Marketing Program


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