The ability for you to fill your childcare centre, will come from your ability to make your centre stand out above the rest in your area.


Most will think this is about a visual issue, about how the centre looks. However, it is about a visibility issue, it is about how your centre is found and then about how, what is found, looks.

Generally most parents will have seen several things about your centre before they even see the centre.

The key areas of visibility are;

  1. Parents Wants based Messaging
  2. Website
  3. Social Media
  4. Word of Mouth
  5. Marketing Material
  6. Childcare Centre
  7. Team

The visibility in each of these areas needs to be consistent. The marketing message to the parents needs to be visible through all seven areas in the wording of the message and actions

of the team. The visual presentation needs to be consistent in each area through the images, colouring, messaging, premises presentation and teams actions.

When a parent first sees or hears about the centre, it will be through a glowing recommendation or visual information/marketing piece. The aim is to ensure that as the parents go through the process of researching placing their child in the centre, the original glowing view obtained, is either meet or enhanced, at each interaction with the centre.

To achieve this, the marketing of the centre, can no longer be done on an adhoc basis. It needs to been strategically planned and developed and implemented in a manner that automatically connects all of the 7 areas 24hrs a day. This helps to make your centre stand out above the rest and ensure that every interaction with the centres visibility areas, enhance the parents desire to place their child into your centre.

Have a great week.

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