Meet Our Team

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson

The Time Retriever

The Time Retriever coaching and training enterprise, Peter is a testament to a well managed life. For nearly 30 years, in senior management roles and running several businesses, Peter was seen by his staff and colleagues as someone who has ‘mastered time’.   Shortage of time is the battle cry for many, whether in their business or personal lives. “There are only 24 hours in a day. I just can’t get it all done,” appeared to be the number one complaint everywhere he worked. Because he was better than most, his staff and colleagues would ask for his advice in how they could better manage theirs. After years of coaching dozens of people, he turned his experience, expertise and passion into a viable business. Peter is now a much sought after coach, trainer and speaker.

There are no secrets to successful time management. You can’t add hours to the day, but you can learn to prioritize, develop effective ways to say no to distractions and interruptions, take charge of your life and accomplish the things that really matter.

Peter enjoys helping others get out of poor time habits and bring huge improvements to their work and life. His engaging presentations espouse the principles of what makes him an effective coach and trainer. His relaxed and interactive style makes him an influential speaker.

Suzanne Johnson

Suzanne Johnson

Digital Marketer/Social Media Manager/Video Producer

My Experience started 15-16 years ago when I had to learn to market some Online Stores we had and sell on Ebay. These sites did very well. From there I learnt how to market online with Google the biggest search engine in the world.(at that time). How to Blog, Write articles and link building so you could rank in Google (SEO) as that was the only way back then to get people to look at your website and get noticed. 

Things have changed so much since then, we now have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms to let people know about what we do. I have setup and Managed Social media pages and profiles (Including Google+, Google Places) for my clients over the years as well as having produced videos and setup YouTube Chanels. I have built Websites in WordPress, Shopify (ecommerce) and other platforms.

I have also sourced product from China and sold it on Amazon USA and successfully ranking my products on the first page of Amazon. At the same time, I was selling and marketing my products on Social Media.

I will be helping you with my knowledge of all social media platforms and intergrating and looking after your online presence 

I will be setting up your Social Media or adjusting what you already have in place for your Business. We will be setting up and monitoring your Social Media advertising such as Facebook Adds. This can take some time as we set up an Evergreen Funnel and other adds for your business. 

Video is something we have used extensively with our promotion of Time Retrievers, using the videos to enhance our marekting programs. I create small and impactfull 30 second videos for your Social Media Messages, as video is proving to be the best form of posting if you want to make a difference in your demagraphic and getting their attention.